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Threading and Waxing

Adam & Eve by Jaxwax of Australia

Unwanted facial and body hair has been the bain of women (and also men) since Eve met Adam in the Garden of Eden. Today we have the understanding, the technology and the expertise to deal with it efficiently. The hot and warm wax we use is top grade from Australia, and together with the technique and experience of our therapists, make this unpleasant necessity as quick and painless as possible.

The ancient art of threading is a popular alternative to waxing and just as effective, but is used only on the face. The technique involves threading the hair between a length of cotton, and as the technician pulls the two ends of the cotton between her teeth and fingers, the hair is removed from the roots. The result is the same as waxing in that you are hair-free for at least another 3 weeks and the hair grows back finer.


Treatment Price (HK$)
Full Arm | Half $330 |$230
Full Back $450
Back and Buttocks $650
Back and Upper Arm $500
Bikini Line $240
Inner Bikini $350
Brazilian $450
Buttocks $300
Chest $350
Chin $120
Ears $120
Eye Brow $160
Eyebrow+Upper Lip+Chin $360
Forehead $150
Full Face $400
Leg Full | Half Upper | Half Lower $450 / $330 / $290
Half Leg + Under Arm + Bikini Line $600
Side-Burns $200
Toe Set $50
Tummy $200
Underarm $180
Lower Lip $100
Upper lip and lower lip $190
Upper Lip $140
Upper Lip + Nose $180

IPL Treatments


IPL is the next generation of light treatment after laser, in that instead of one beam of light, the Intense Pulsed Light sends out many beams in one flash. It does not guarantee that hair will be removed permanently, but that hair will be reduced significantly, in some cases 100% but most 80/90%. Many different factors govern why hair returns, particularly hormone activity, stress and severe shock, and for this reason we cannot claim that it is permanent hair removal.

Permanent hair reduction by IPL treatment can be applied to the whole face and body e.g. bikini line, Brazilian, underarm, full leg, back and chest etc.

Treatment Per Session (HK$) Package of 6+1 Comp. (HK$)
Bikini Line $600 $3,600
Brazilian $950 $5,700
Inner Bikini Line $820 $4,920
Cheeks $560 $3,360
Chin $400 $2,400
Chest $1,500 $9,000
Back $1,900 $11,400
Half Arm (Lower) $850 $5,100
Under Arm $600 $3,600
Full Arm $1,330 $7,980
Half Leg (Lower) $1,540 $9,240
Upper Leg $1,700 $10,200
Full Leg $2,950 $17,700
Upper Lip $400 $2,400

Complimentary Consultation included
Pigmentation – $400 per session
Skin Rejuvenation Face and Neck – $1,200 per session

Basic Nail Services

One Set of Regular Manicure + Regular Pedicure – $560 (i.e. manicure $210 and Pedicure $350)

MANICURES include careful cleaning of your nail beds, followed by cutting the excess cuticles (or pushing back) for a tidy finish. The nails are shaped, and then you can drift away while your hands and forearms are gently massaged before an application of nail varnish – but be warned – the selection of colours is enormous!

Basics for the Hands
Pamper time Price (HK$)
Manicure 45 mins $210
French Manicure 60 mins $240
Express Manicure (no skin removal and express cuticle treatment) 20 mins $150
Express Mini manicure (under 12 years old) 10 mins $100
Express French Manicure 30 mins $180
Hand Massage 30 mins $150
Buffing 15 mins $70
Silk Wrap 15 mins $30
Polish Change / French Polish change (inc. removal if necessary) 20 mins $90 / $120

Manicure and Padicure at the Feel Good Factor

PEDICURES are the ultimate ‘Hong Kong’ get-away for an hour or so – and Wi-Fi is always on hand! Enjoy a relaxing foot soak, then restore your feet back to life while dead skin cells and cuticles are removed, your feet and lower legs gently massaged, and nails shaped and polished. Top it all off with a fabulous colour that will make you want to stay bare-foot forever. But…if you forget your open-toed shoes, we have inexpensive and stylish bamboo flip-flops for sale. ($25)

Basics for the Feet
Pamper time Price (HK$)
Pedicure 45 mins $350
French Pedicure 60 mins $380
Express Pedicure 20 mins $210
Express Mini pedicure (under 12 years old) 10 mins $150
Express French Pedicure 30 mins $240
Buffing 15 mins $70
Polish Only / French Polish 20 mins $90 / $120

A great selection of colors, which are always in top shape – so many places keep bad nail polish in their shelves; not here! And of course, fab manicurists always ready to help you out.  – Sassy Hong Kong

SHELLAC – Long lasting, chip-proof and less damaging to your nails, it has taken hands worldwide by storm!  Click here to see what the editors of Nail Magazine are saying.

Shellac Services Pamper time Price (HK$)
Shellac Manicure 60 mins $450
Manicure with French 75 mins $500
Shellac Pedicure 60 mins $550
Pedicure with French 75 mins $600
Shellac Re-polish 30 mins $250
Shellac Re-polish with French 45 mins $280
Shellac (per finger) various $50
Shellac French Polish per finger 15 mins $55
Shellac Polish removal (no charge if FGF did previous polish) 15 mins $80


Manicure $500
French Manicure $520
Pedicure $600
French Pedicure $620
Gelcolor Polish Only $280
Polish Per Finger $55
French Polish Per Finger $60
Polish Removal $80


I don’t even know where to start on Shellac… my pedicures look the same after 3 weeks as they do the day I have them made. I wear proper shoes a lot, so the pedi’s really get scuffed around in trainers, ballet slippers, heels and so on-  but never a mark on them. I have had shellac pedi’s for over 6 months now with a change every 3 weeks  and my nails look perfectly fine under the polish. Manicures last 10 days to 2 weeks without a chip or a scratch. – Lene

Special Nail Services

Gel Services – 1st time service 30% off
Price (HK$)
Feel Good Hands
Gel (New Set) $900
Gel (New Set) with Extension $1,100
Gel with French Tips (Extra) $100
Gel Infills Full Set $600
With French Tips $650
Infill per Finger / per finger (French) $80 / $100
Gel Removal Full Set $300
Feel Good Feet
Gel (new set) $1,050
New Set with French Tips (extra) $100
Infills (full set) $650
Per Toe $120

SPA MANIS AND PEDIS – the kindest treat you can give your hands and feet. The treatment includes a regular mani/pedi, followed by exfoliating, massage , mask and application of a silk glove. Spa services leave your hands and feet feeling and looking beautiful, soft and totally revived.

Spa Hands & Feet Pamper time Price (HK$)
Spa Manicure 90 mins $430
Spa Pedicure 90 mins $500

PARAFFIN WAX is an old remedy for softening roughened or hardened skin, and is definitely recommended for Hong Kong’s dry autumn and winter.

Paraffin Treatments Pamper time Price (HK$)
Manicure / Paraffin Wax 60 mins $250
Pedicure / Paraffin Wax 60 mins $450
Paraffin Wax 20 mins $100

NAIL ART & SEMI PRECIOUS STONES –  a chic way to express your individuality as subtly or outrageously as you wish. Choose from our varied selection of samples or create your own design or setting together with our talented technicians.

Nail Art and Stones Pamper time Price (HK$)
Nail Art – Painted (per nail) 15 mins $40+
Nail Art – Embossed (per nail) 60 mins $10+
Paraffin Wax 20 mins $100

Products we use are: OPI, ESSIE, SHELLAC, GELISH , SECHE AND CREATIF. OPI and Essie products are also available for sale.


Our FGF facials use the British luxury beauty brand Elemis whose products are predominantly organic and free of parabens and harmful chemicals. It’s facials are developed to help the needs of different skin and age groups and are characterized as being soothing, relaxing and giving great results.




Express – 30 mins – $390
For all skin types, deep-cleansing and skin hydration, with an “express” choice of either extraction or massage.

Skin Specific – 60 mins – $750
Our therapists will closely evaluate your skin type and select the appropriate products to rehydrate, refresh and replenish balance and nourishment against pollution and the elements.
Herbal Lavender Repair Facial – for Oily Congested Skin
Fruit Active Glow Facial – for Dull, Lifeless Skin
Exotic Cream Moisture Dew Facial – for Dry Skin

Oxygen Skin Calm Facial – 75 mins – $900
This face and eye treatment is pure heaven for sensitive skins. Gentle massage techniques combined with a restructuring Japanese Silk Mask help to rebalance delicate, dry and sensitive skin.

S.O.S Purifying – 75 mins – $900
This powerful purifying face and eye treatment absorbs excess sebum, regulates and balances the skin, whilst repairing facial scarring.

Modern Skin Facial – 75 mins – $900
This facial will relax and renew stressed skin which is suffering from everyday pressures and pollution.

Source Marine – 60 mins – $750.00

For all women seeking a comprehensive treatment that restores optimum hydration of their skin. The replenished skin is plumped up from within and it regains suppleness and softness.

Hyaluronic Facial  – 75 mins – $1,300.00

For women who want to FILL their deepest wrinkles and stimulat their skin’s youthfulness. Younger-looking, smoother, less wrinkled, deep wrinkles (frown lines, nasolabrial furrows) are less pronounced.

ELEMIS ADVANCED ANTI-AGEING FACIALS (all with additional eye therapy)

Tri-Enzyme Re-surfacing – 75 mins  – $1,100
A break-through anti-ageing facial which brings unprecedented resurfacing results. The treatment pioneers the precision layering of three targeted enzyme serums to resurface the skin by up to 75% after just 1 treatment.

Visible Brilliance with Eye Therapy – 90 mins – $1,280
This revolutionary anti-ageing face and eye treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin whilst reducing dark circles from around the eye contour.

Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift with Eye Therapy – 90 mins – $1,280
This anti-wrinkle facial is clinically proven, after just one treatment, to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94% and improve skin firmness by up to 57% after just one treatment.

Japanese Silk Booster Eye Therapy – 45 mins – $300.  Add on with 60 mins Facial – $200
“Rejuvenate with this holistic therapy – first a gentle massage around the eyes to remove any toxins and then a mask to relax and rejuvenate tired or stressed eyes from air pollution.



Treatment Duration Price (HK$)

Using Aromatherapy Oil and some pressure points – relaxing

60 mins
90 mins
Deep Tissue
Releases knots and helps tired muscles
60 mins
90 mins
Swedish (Relaxing) – Exactly that – Relaxing! 60 mins
90 mins
Good for water retention and dispels toxins
90 mins $900
Stimulates blood circulation and releases water retention
60 mins
90 mins
Head and Shoulder
Concentrating more on the neck and upper back
30 mins $320
Indian Head
Concentrates more on the head and neck
30 mins $320


Treatment Duration Price (HK$)
Full Body Scrub 45 mins $400
Full Body Scrub with Wrap 60 mins $700

PREGNANCY MASSAGES  We have a specially designed pregnancy bed with a hole just in the right place to accommodate the growing tummy, and a choice of two pregnancy packages both offering a 15% saving.

Pregnancy Massage 60 | 90 mins + Pedicure – $890 |$1,100 (price after 15% discount)
Skin Specific Facial 60 mins + Pedicure – $970

OzTan Spray Tanning

Natural Plant Based Spray Tanning by OzTan

Renowned for its natural olive tones, the new generation, fast  processing solutions allow you to shower off in just 1 to 2 hours. Proudly made in Australia using the highest grade of organic tanning ingredients and formulated without alcohol, parabens or synthetic fragrances for superior results.

FULL BODY SPRAY TAN (2 hours curing) – $500 | (1 hour curing) – $550

Tan Building Moisturiser – $280 (200ml) Medium Olive and Dark Olive tones

Self Tanning Moisturiser – $300 (200ml) Medium Olive and Dark Olive tones

Before your spray tanning appointment:

  • Prepare – it’s best to wax or shave the day before you tan
  • Scrub Up – thoroughly exfoliate your body, paying attention to any dry areas
  • Avoid – don’t wear body moisturizer or deodorant to your tanning session
  • Clothing – wear loose, dark clothing to your session

After your spray tanning appointment:

  • Stay dry – do not shower, get wet or exercise for at least 2 hours
  • Pamper – your tan will last longer on well-hydrated skin so moisturize daily
  • Avoid – soaking in the bath or chlorinated pool or your tan will fade faster
  • Remember – Oztan does not contain a sunscreen and won’t protect you against sunburn, so take the usual precautions

For more information please contact the spa directly on 2530 0610 or info@feelgoodfactor.com.hk

Can I please provide some feedback on your product?!!  It is ABSOLUTELY top-notch!!!  The product has no disgusting odours, it applies extremely well, and yes, after only 1 hour, a beautiful tan develops.  Another noticable thing is that, unlike all other tanning solutions I have previously used, this one wears off gradually leaving no obvious marks, splotches etc.  I am extremely impressed and you’ve definitely gained my business. Thanks a million! – Chamon Vogels

Tinting and Perming

Treatment Duration Price (HK$)
Eye Lash Perm 60 mins $400
Eye Lash Tint 30 mins $240
Lash & Brow Tint 30 mins $380
Eye Brow Tint 15 mins $180
Eye Brow Wax & Tint 30 mins $300

Other Services

EAR CANDLING – 35 mins – $320

If you are bothered by sinus trouble, sore throat, ear ache, swimmer’s ear or just plain bunged up, then Ear Candling could solve your problem.

Candling is a natural ear cleansing technique that began centuries ago possibly originating in ancient Egypt. Using a hollow waxed cloth candle, the low flame of the wick creates a slow vacuum, which softens and pulls the old wax into the base of the candle, causing no discomfort to the person receiving the treatment and often great relief.

Other Tailor-made Packages are also available for nail and beauty services, or our “All Services Package of HK$5,000 which covers everything and offers a 20% saving.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are the answer for that special person who simply has everything. Available in any amount or treatment and valid for 6 months.

Thank you so much for our Saturday night Bachelorette party. We all had a great time especially Tanya the bride-to-be. I hope we didn’t leave too much of a mess. Thanks again! – Emma