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Our signature Shellac, OPI Gel and Infinite Shine in Hong Kong

SHELLAC – Long lasting, chip-proof and less damaging to your nails, it has taken hands worldwide by storm!  Click here to see what the editors of Nail Magazine are saying.

Shellac Services Pamper time Price (HK$)
Shellac Manicure 60 mins $450
Manicure with French 75 mins $500
Shellac Pedicure 60 mins $550
Pedicure with French 75 mins $600
Shellac Re-polish 30 mins $250
Shellac Re-polish with French 45 mins $280
Shellac (per finger) various $50
Shellac French Polish per finger 15 mins $55
Shellac Polish removal (no charge if FGF did previous polish) 15 mins $80
Hard Gel per finger various Per Finger $100/with French $120


Manicure $500
French Manicure $520
Pedicure $600
French Pedicure $620
Gelcolor Polish Only $280
Polish Per Finger and Toe $55
French Polish Per Finger $60
Polish Removal $80


Infinite Shine Price (HK$)
Infinite Shine Manicure $250
Express Infinite Shine Manicure $190
Pedicure $600
Infinite Shine Pedicure $380
Express Infinite Shine Pedicure $270
Infinite Shine Polish (hands and Feet) $120


I don’t even know where to start on Shellac… my pedicures look the same after 3 weeks as they do the day I have them made. I wear proper shoes a lot, so the pedi’s really get scuffed around in trainers, ballet slippers, heels and so on-  but never a mark on them. I have had shellac pedi’s for over 6 months now with a change every 3 weeks  and my nails look perfectly fine under the polish. Manicures last 10 days to 2 weeks without a chip or a scratch. – Lene