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Our signature waxing and threading in Hong Kong

Adam & Eve by Jaxwax of Australia

Unwanted facial and body hair has been the bain of women (and also men) since Eve met Adam in the Garden of Eden. Today we have the understanding, the technology and the expertise to deal with it efficiently. The hot and warm wax we use is top grade from Australia, and together with the technique and experience of our therapists, make this unpleasant necessity as quick and painless as possible.

The ancient art of threading is a popular alternative to waxing and just as effective, but is used only on the face. The technique involves threading the hair between a length of cotton, and as the technician pulls the two ends of the cotton between her teeth and fingers, the hair is removed from the roots. The result is the same as waxing in that you are hair-free for at least another 3 weeks and the hair grows back finer.


Treatment Price (HK$)
Full Arm | Upper | Half $330|$300|$250
Full Back $450
Upper Back $300
Lower Back $250
Back and Buttocks $650
Back and Upper Arm $500
Bikini Line $250
Inner Bikini $360
Brazilian $450
Buttocks $300
Chest $380
Chin $130
Ears $120
Eye Brow $180
Eyebrow+Upper Lip+Chin $380
Forehead $150
Full Face $400
Leg Full | Half Upper | Half Lower $490 / $330 / $300
2/3 Leg $400
Half Leg + Under Arm + Bikini Line $600
Side-Burns $200
Toe Set $60
Tummy $200
Underarm $190
Lower Lip $100
Upper lip and lower lip $200
Upper Lip $150
Upper Lip + Nose $180