Our Signature Intense Pulsed Light(IPL) Permanent Hair Reduction Services

Our signature IPL treatment in Hong Kong

IPL is the next generation of light treatment after laser, in that instead of one beam of light, the Intense Pulsed Light sends out many beams in one flash. It does not guarantee that hair will be removed permanently, but that hair will be reduced significantly, in some cases 100% but most often 80/90%. Many different factors govern why hair returns, particularly hormone activity, stress and severe shock, and for this reason we cannot claim that it is permanent hair removal completely.

TreatmentPer Session (HK$)Package of 6+1 Comp. (HK$)
Bikini Line$600$3,600
Inner Bikini Line$820$4,920
Half Arm (Lower)$850$5,100
Under Arm$600$3,600
Full Arm$1,330$7,980
Half Leg (Lower)$1,540$9,240
Upper Leg$1,700$10,200
Full Leg$2,950$17,700
Upper Lip$400$2,400